Baby boom

Ok, so you’ve got the chance to decorate your city with brightly coloured, actual size baby animal stickers – so where do you stick ’em? Answer. Everywhere! Brilliant. That’s exactly what Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam was hoping you’d do.

To celebrate the baby boom at Artis Royal Zoo, outdoor sticker sheets were stuck up around the city. Inspired by car-window-stickers, the public were encouraged to peel off the real size baby animal stickers from the ads and stick them anywhere around the city. Not only did they have fun finding places to stick them but without realising it, they were also helping to spread the baby boom news.

I like this campaign and the engagement is great but I think the execution could also work for other other causes. For example a charity like WWF, highlighting the disappearance of endangered species. Put the sticker sheets up around the city but then remove an animal one by one to demonstrate the problem.

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