Race this

Reckon you could keep pace alongside top marathon runner, Ryan Hall, with his 6ft 10 stride and impressive 4:46 mile pace? Oh, you do? Then you’re in luck.

To coincide with their sponsorship of the New York Marathon, ASICS installed a 60-foot video wall at the Columbus Circle subway station and challenged passersby to race against Ryan.

After a mini countdown, the running began. Ryan even turned up to race against himself. Now I know we’ve all probably done a fair bit of running for the tube in our time, but this actually looks fun. It turns a place where people normally keep their heads down and themselves to themselves and injects a new level of interaction.

However, I don’t think it’ll persuade me to run the marathon. I mean, if that’s the level of competition I’ll have to deal with, then I’ve got no chance.

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