Thirst QR-uenching

I start by apologising for the slightly cringey headline (especially after my last post!) but it had to be done – my alternative, ‘Message on a bottle’, just wasn’t cutting it.

Now having done a few beer/in-bar promos in the past, I have to say, I don’t find them easy. And although this idea is very local and small scale, I think it’s clever and, as the results show, effective – my kind of promotion.

Harry’s, a bar in Singapore, had the idea to help its somewhat shy clientele find love, or at least enjoy a night of flirting. Rather than just buying someone a drink and heading over, they came up with a new way for singles to meet using neck collars with QR codes.

Customers buy a beer, scan the QR code to get the app and then connect with the person they’ve sent the beer to. They’ve already turned the neck collar over so the receiver of the drink now has instructions of their own to follow, which if they do, they’re then able to strike up an anonymous conversation with the sender. And results? Unsurprisingly, men bought double the beer compared to regular sales and may conversations were started. Said they were good.

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