Making Moma proud









They may be the fall back of all great playground put-downs but isn’t it funny how you’re never too old for a good ‘your mum…’ joke? It’s why I really rate the new campaign for MOMA! the healthy on-the-go breakfast brand.

To raise awareness of its range of healthy and filling products, the creative (by The Red Brick Road) targets busy commuters on their way to work with an aim to brighten up their daily slog.









And brighten up they do. Colourful, bold, eye-catching type pokes fun at what has now become our morning fuel of choice – the latte, elevenses and the full English. The jokes work well. They don’t just inform us of the product messages, they entertain us, which in turn makes them more memorable.









So as a young(ish) professional who shops for convenience and is always on the lookout for the healthy option, these ads really appeal. Even the sign off – Love Yo Moma!’s double meaning remains true to the tone of voice and idea. This is a great campaign that even yo moma will love.

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