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Thirst QR-uenching

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I start by apologising for the slightly cringey headline (especially after my last post!) but it had to be done – my alternative, ‘Message on a bottle’, just wasn’t cutting it. Now having done a few beer/in-bar promos in the … Continue reading

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Go on, spill

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Would you confess for the world to see if you knew you’d never be found out? ConfessionsĀ is a public art project that invites people to anonymously share their confessions and see the confessions of theĀ people around them in the heart … Continue reading

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Kiss this

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Signing your name in lipstick is almost as satisfying as writing in biro on a banana, just a lot more glamorous. That’s what Rimmel is giving you the chance to do (writing in lipstick not on a banana) with their … Continue reading

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You talking to me?

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It’s one thing writing direct and engaging billboard headlines that talk to the masses but it’s another thing writing headlines that change depending on who walks by. After a long period of engineering works, Virgin Trains announced their quickest ever … Continue reading

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Punchy stuff

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Typical client. They want big publicity for peanuts. Well it was a good job that outdoor sports brand, EVOC, had Publicic Munich on the case. To promote EVOC’s shock absorbent backpack, interactive adshels challenged the public to put it to … Continue reading

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Race this

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Reckon you could keep pace alongside top marathon runner, Ryan Hall, with his 6ft 10 stride and impressive 4:46 mile pace? Oh, you do? Then you’re in luck. To coincide with their sponsorship of the New York Marathon, ASICS installed … Continue reading

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